Why I am Sticking with Olympus

20th September, 2020

Very pleased to be featured among some extraordinarily talented photographers in an article in this week's Amateur Photographer on "Why I'm Sticking With Olympus." A fascinating read, especially in the light of all of the doomsayers who are predicting the Olympus range's imminent decline. The same reasons come up again and again from a broad range of photographers: Olympus offer exceptionally well built cameras and lenses with the best weather sealing available. They are eminently customisable and highly portable with one of the widest collection of high quality lenses available for any system and capable of producing pin sharp images that more than satisfy any publishers requirements or can be printed large for exhibitions or sale.

These are very similar arguments to those I outlined on this blog almost a year ago: Why I Use Olympus Cameras

Click on the magazine cover above for a link to an online version of the article. 



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